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  1. Guidelines

    Once a request is received, either online or by phone, items will be picked up within seven working days and could be as early as 6:30 a.m. the next business day.

    • Items should be placed in a neatly stacked pile where your garbage is picked up, leaving at least 3 feet on either side of your cart.

    • Small items such as clothes, dishes, and toys must be kept together in a bag, box, or container.

    • Carpet may be set out, but must be cut into 3-foot wide sections, rolled up and secured into bundles.

    • Wood pieces with nails or staples must have them hammered down or removed.

    • Railroad ties should be cut into 2-foot lengths.

    • Special pick ups may not be used for televisions, computer equipment, appliances, used tires, household hazardous materials, green waste, bricks, and concrete.

  2. Please give us a brief description of items placed out for collection. For any items not eligible for a special pick up please call 524-2400 for assistance.
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