What happens if I don't attend a class or add the lease addendum?

Nuisance Residential Rental Property. It is hereby declared a nuisance and to be declared against the health, peace, safety and welfare of the City for any property owner or local agent subject to the provisions of this Division 5 to:

  1. fail to attend and complete a seminar at least once every three (3) years.  
  2. fail to incorporate into any lease a crime free lease addendum signed by all adult tenants in substantially the form and substance as the crime free lease addendum developed by the City of Moline and available from the City of Moline police department and distributed at the seminar. 

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1. What is considered a nuisance property?
2. Does this ordinance unfairly target victims of abuse?
3. I am concerned this will impact undocumented immigrants.
4. This program seems to be discriminatory to convicted felons.
5. I own rental property, do I have to attend a seminar?
6. I own a single family rental, does this apply?
7. I am a good landlord, this seems like an unfair burden.
8. I own property in another city and have a Crime Free certification. Do I have to attend?
9. I don't live in the QCA, can I attend remotely?
10. Will the police notify me of violations on my property?
11. How long do I have to get tenants to sign the lease addendum?
12. What happens if I don't attend a class or add the lease addendum?
13. What are the fines associated with this ordinance?