What police accountability procedures does the city have in place?

The Moline Police Department policy is to utilize an outside agency to investigate any incident involving an officer-involved shooting regardless if the incident results in a death. In the case of an Officer involved shooting the Police Department will make a request to the Rock Island Integrity Task Force, which is supervised by the Illinois State Police to conduct an investigation. The Integrity Task Force shall be designated with handling an independent criminal investigation and shall report to the State’s Attorney’s Office directly. An Illinois State Police command member is in charge of this task force.
State Law mandates procedures for the investigation of officer-involved deaths, to include the death of an individual from a direct action (shooting, arrest, etc.), intentional omission, failure to seek medical attention, or a motor vehicle accident. An outside agency involving investigators that are certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board as Lead Homicide Investigators must conduct an investigation in an expeditious manner.  

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1. What police accountability procedures does the city have in place?
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