What are the Moline Police Department's use of force guidelines?

It is the policy of the Moline Police Department that police officers only use the amount of force that is reasonable to effectively bring an incident under control, while protecting the lives of officers and other persons. Use of force is in response to the behavior of the citizen during the event.  Chokeholds are prohibited use of force unless deadly force is justified.  The type of neck restraint witnessed in Minneapolis in the death of George Floyd is not used or allowed by the Moline Police Department. All Moline police officers are required to file a detailed report when use of force is applied. Those reports are reviewed by three supervisors before being sent to Administration for final review.

The Moline Police Department is certified by the US Department of Justice and has been issued the Federal Use of Force Certification as of December 2020.  

Our agency meets the following standards:

  1. Our agency’s use of force policies adheres to all applicable federal, state and local laws.
  2. Our agency maintains use of force policies that prohibit the use of chokeholds, except in those situations where the use of deadly force is allowed by law.
  3. Our agency adheres to Constitutional Standards for applying use of force.
  4. Our agency maintains policies that govern the termination of the use of force.
  5. Our agency maintains policies that include a duty to intervene or stop known and apparent excessive force.
  6. Our agency training program includes mandatory training on the agency use of force policies, de-escalation techniques and related legal updates.
  7. Our agency maintains use of force policies that require an officer to provide medical care when appropriate.
  8. Our agency maintains policies that when reasonably practical to identify themselves as a police officer and give a verbal warning of their intent to use deadly force.
  9. Our agency maintains policies regarding shooting at or from a moving vehicle (unless in self-defense or defense of another).
  10. Our agency maintains policies regarding warning shots.
  11. Our agency maintains policies regarding the execution of no-knock warrants.
  12. Our agency conducts internal audits, performance reviews and performance improvement plans.
  13. Our agency maintains protocols on hiring and promoting employees who are the best candidates.
  14. Our agency maintains a practice or process for community engagement.

Officers file a detailed incident report when involved in a use of force. The Moline Police Department handles nearly 60,000 incidents each year and less than one quarter of 1% of the interactions involve use of force.




Use of Force Incidents

Total Police Incidents

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