What do I do if there is an ice storm / freezing rain and my road is unsafe to drive on?

Ice is a bad situation no matter how much is on the ground and no two ice events are the same. The first priority will be to address the 4 main arterial routes, 6 hill routes, and requests from emergency personnel. Staff will evaluate road conditions each time an ice event occurs and address the needs accordingly. The City’s highest priority is the safety of our residents, guests and travelers; however, there are also financial restrictions that do not allow us to use salt on every surface during every storm. Main arterial and hill routes will be treated with beet juice to help raise the melting temperature of the ice/snow and treated salt is used as an abrasive on a case by case and storm by storm basis. Keep in mind that when temperatures get below 10°-15°, even though the salt is treated, it becomes ineffective at melting ice. It is always important to exercise caution during winter driving conditions and give yourself extra time, but it is even more critical to allow extra travel time when temperatures drop below 15°.

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17. What do I do if there is an ice storm / freezing rain and my road is unsafe to drive on?