What are the regulations for a garage/yard/rummage sale?

Includes any occasional sale of personal property at a residence or non-commercial property by one or more families in a neighborhood or by a group, including, but not limited to garage sales, yard sales, rummage sales, attic sales, auctions, estate sales, and moving sales. A permit is not required for sales provided that the following regulations are met. Regulations:

  • Sales shall be limited to a maximum of 2 occurrences per year.
  • Each sale shall not last more than 72 consecutive hours.
  • Sales must only include excess goods which have been generated from within the household and not acquired or produced specifically for resale.
  • Sales shall be conducted on the owner's property except that multiple family sales are permitted if they are held on the property of one of the participants and any such sale shall be considered to be a sale for all participants.
  • Merchandise, display units, and signs shall be removed or placed indoors at conclusion of sales.
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