What if I already started the project?
The City prefers to be notified, in advance, of the start date of construction projects that fall into the Drainage Permit limits; however, it is better to get a permit as soon as you can to prevent fines and legal action. The City will make every attempt to assist contractors in reaching compliance with the Stormwater Ordinance. Your cooperation is appreciated.

There are consequences for being in violation of the Stormwater Ordinance that can include fines of up to $750 per day, per violation as well as court costs and clean up charges. It is important to take the opportunity to learn about the Drainage Permit process so that appropriate steps can be taken before a project is started and to reduce the possibility of violations and/or fines. Again, contact the Engineering Division for assistance.

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1. Why does Moline have a Drainage Permit?
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10. What if I already started the project?
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