Why does Moline have a Drainage Permit?
Although the Drainage Permit requirements are new to Moline, stormwater has been recognized as a primary contributor to surface water pollution for nearly a decade. The City of Moline passed a Stormwater Ordinance, which includes the Drainage Permit program, to be in compliance with State and Federal EPA requirements for pollution control and prevention.

Contrary to popular belief, the fee collected for the Drainage Permits does not serve as revenue to any other area but the Stormwater Program. Although the NPDES Phase II program is Federally mandated, the City receives no federal funds to operate the program. The fee collected funds the actual permit process including staff, vehicles and materials as well as inspections, compliance checks and enforcement.

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1. Why does Moline have a Drainage Permit?
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5. Why is the permit threshold (500 square foot land disturbance) so low?
6. Why is the Drainage Permit fee so expensive?
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