What can I do to help with stormwater issues?
If you have flooding or drainage issues, witness a strange discharge or see a blocked pipe or drain, contact the City. Documenting problem situations is the first step to working with the City to resolve these issues. Not every drainage issue can be remedied, but if the City doesn’t know about the problem, we can’t help.

Maintain ravines, ditches and other drainageways to allow flow. Landscaping, sheds and other structures can change intended flow patterns in your neighborhood so check with the City to see if there may be a drainage easement in your yard.

Do not litter. Even the smallest cigarette butt contributes to blocked pipes, flooding and degraded water quality. All the trash and debris in our streets flows to the storm sewer and eventually to the Mississippi and Rock Rivers. If you wouldn’t throw that lunch sack into the river, don’t throw it in the street or storm drain.

Manage your runoff. Use rain barrels, plantings or rock basins to contain your gutter and sump flow so it soaks into the ground instead of flowing overland and onto your neighbors. This can prevent erosion and reduce the impact your property has on the City storm sewer.

Take your leftover paint, used oil, and cleaning products to the appropriate household hazardous waste collection center for proper disposal. Never, never dump these items into the storm system. Stormwater goes untreated directly into our rivers. View the
Earth 911 website, put in the item you need to dispose of and your zip code for disposal locations near you.

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15. What can I do to help with stormwater issues?