Law Department / City Attorney's Office

The Law Department is the office of the City Attorney. This department is responsible for providing information and advice to the City organization, i.e., its various elected and appointed officials, department heads and other staff, regarding municipal matters. The City Attorney also represents the City in litigation matters and prosecution of City Code violations. The department includes the Neighborhood Improvement Office, which performs the lead role in the prevention, enforcement and abatement of housing, nuisance, vegetation, zoning and sign code violations, and the Rental Housing Inspection Program, which provides for the registration of rental units, buildings and properties within the City and periodic inspections to ensure such properties meet the minimum standards established by the City’s codes. FOIA requests (requests for public information) are also received and processed by the Law Department.

The City Attorneys are not authorized to give legal advice to the general public or to accept private clients. The attorneys and staff are available to answer inquiries about City ordinances and to refer complainants to the appropriate City department when allegations of ordinance violations are received or as other requests for services are generated.