Mobile Food Unit License

Mobile Food Licensefood

Mobile Plan Review          City of Moline Food Truck Policy 

Operators seeking a Mobile Food Unit License shall provide the City of Moline Health Inspector, prior to licensure, the following:

  1. Completion of Application and Plan Review;
  2. Drawn layout of the mobile unit depicting where fixed equipment, plumbing, and mechanical fixtures are located;
  3. Proposed menu;
  4. Proof of access to a commissary; and
  5. Any other information the health authority deems necessary to evaluate the application. 

Any questions, please email

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Equipment Requirements

The following items are required in any establishment Mobile Unit applying for a Food License.

  1. A ware washing sink with three compartments. Each compartment shall be sized to allow for the immersion of the largest piece of equipment washed, including drain boards on either side; and
  2. A handwashing sink.

All installed equipment must be of commercial grade and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved.


The floors, walls, and ceilings in the food preparation, utensil washing, food storage, and food service areas shall be smoother, non-absorbent, and easily cleanable in order to facilitate cleaning. The floor / wall junctures shall be sealed with a coving base. Materials such as concrete and raw wood will need to have sealant in order to ensure clean-ability. 

Plan Review

Complete the Plan Review for mobile units. The plan review shall be completed prior to construction. Approval from the Health Authority is required in order for construction to begin. Include a proposed menu and site plan drawing.

 Water Supply

If hoses are to be used to provide water, these hoses shall be:

  • Approved for supplying potable water; many regular hoses can allow chemicals to leach out in hot water;
  • Located in areas which do not allow the hose to be submerged in standing water;
  • Provided with approved backflow devices as required by the local plumbing code.