At-Need & Pre-Need Sales

Anyone can be buried in Riverside Cemetery and Moline Memorial Park. We serve all faiths, all walks of life. Making final arrangements for ourselves or our loved ones is one of the most difficult decisions in life. We recommend making these decisions before they are needed, rather than during the emotional distress surrounding the loss of a loved one. Future prices will continue to rise so making your final arrangements ahead of time will lock you into today’s prices.

Riverside Cemetery and Moline Memorial Park offer beautiful surroundings for every kind of interment, whether it is casketed remains or cremated remains, in-ground burial or above-ground entombments. We allow both above-ground monuments and grass-level markers. There are many options to choose from.

Please call the Cemetery office at 309.524.2435 for information or to schedule an appointment. Staff will show you available locations to purchase and go over current prices with you. View the current payment options.

Riverside Cemetery Maples