The Stormwater Ordinance has specific provisions for construction projects. For Class 2 Drainage Permits, projects 1-acre in size or more, design calculations and engineer certified existing and proposed drainage plans are required.  These requirements mimic those of the Illinois EPA and Illinois state drainage law for site disturbance over 1-acre.  

 By volume, sediment is the greatest pollutant entering our surface waters and causes multiple problems. Erosion rates from construction sites can range up to 100 tons/year, beating agriculture almost 10 to 1. When left uncontrolled, large amounts of sediment can move off of construction sites along with other attached pollutants. The sediment and pollutants are then conveyed into the City storm sewer ending directly in our rivers and streams. The storm sewer pipes can be damaged and clogged by the material while the water body that accepts the runoff can be irreparably damaged.

Erosion and sediment control are essential to any construction project in Moline. The Stormwater Ordinance prohibits uncontained construction waste that may blow or wash away and releasing concrete washout off site. Any washout should be kept on site and waste should be controlled to prevent off site contamination. A Drainage Permit for any project that disturbs 500 square feet or more of land is required prior to any land disturbing activity. This includes grading, excavation and backfill. Even if no permit is required, compliance with the Ordinance is mandatory and includes preventing any contamination, from silt to concrete washout to waste wood, from entering the storm sewer.