Mandated by the US Congress under the Clean Water Act, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting mechanism requires the implementation of controls designed to prevent harmful pollutants from being washed by stormwater runoff into local water bodies. The NPDES Stormwater Program is a comprehensive two-phased national program for addressing the non-agricultural sources of stormwater discharges which adversely affect the quality of our nation's waters.

Moline, like Rock Island, Davenport, Bettendorf and thousands of other cities across the nation, enacted a Stormwater Ordinance in response to requirements of US EPA Phase II NPDES Stormwater Regulations. Moline’s ordinance specifies the Stormwater Utility Rate structure, prohibited discharges and connections to the storm sewer system as well as regulations for construction projects. The Stormwater Ordinance is Chapter 34, Article 4, Section 4100-4500 of the Moline Municipal Code and is available online.

Stormwater Utility Brochure