Missing Pets

If Your Pet Is Missing

Report it immediately to the Rock Island County Animal Shelter. Leave your name, number, address, description of animal, and if it is wearing tags or is micro chipped. Place an ad in the newspaper and watch the paper for lost and found listings. Make a lost poster with a photo of your pet and post in the area the pet was lost and at the area shelters. When you have found your pet notify the shelters where your pet had been reported missing. A spayed / neutered pet is less likely to roam and will not create unwanted litters if he/she does get lost. A pet that is micro chipped or wearing ID tags has a far better chance of being reunited with its owner.

Running At Large

Any dog or cat found running at large within the city will be apprehended and impounded. If the dog or cat is tagged, the owner will be contacted by certified mail of the impoundment. If the dog is not tagged, every attempt will be made to discover the owner and the owner will be contacted by certified mail of the impoundment. An impounded dog or cat will be returned to the owner when the following conditions are met:

  • Payment of $25 redemption fee, plus $10 per day impoundment fee is made.
  • Payment of veterinary or other care is made.
  • Proof of county pet license or payment of license fee is provided.
  • Proof of rabies vaccine or payment for vaccine is provided.

Animal Not Claimed

If a dog or cat is not claimed within five days of the date of impoundment, the pet will become eligible for adoption or will be disposed of according to city ordinance. In order to claim a dog or cat all legal proceedings involving the animal must be concluded. Any person taking possession of a stray animal must contact the animal shelter or police department promptly. No stray pet may be harbored or held for reward.