Animal Cruelty

List of Cruel Acts on Animals

A person commits cruelty to animals by knowingly:

  • Abandoning any animal.
  • Confining an animal in a manner where it is forced to stand, sit, or lie in its own excrement. where it is forced to stand, sit, or lie in its own excrement.
  • Confining an animal in a motor vehicle in a manner that threatens the health or life of the animal due to exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures and inadequate ventilation.
  • Cropping an animal’s ears, tail, or performing any other surgeries normally performed by a veterinarian.
  • Failing to keep animal in a clean and healthy manner.
  • Failing to provide living quarters of sufficient size for exercise and movement.
  • Failing to provide shelter from the elements.
  • Failing to provide veterinary care when needed.
  • Failing to provide wholesome food to maintain good health.
  • Instigating any indecent or immoral show or exhibition of an animal.
  • Overworking, beating, torturing, tormenting, mutilating, starving, poisoning, or cruelly killing or allowing the same to be done.
  • Poisoning any domestic animal.
  • Tethering an animal in a manner in which it cannot move around without becoming entangled.

Any animal subjected to cruelty will be impounded and disposed of or redeemed according to city ordinance. To report cruelty to animals phone the Moline Police Department non-emergency phone, 309.797.0401, or Moline Animal Control at 309.797.0401.