Qualification Events


All police officer applicants must pass the physical agility test before proceeding to the written examination.

The physical agility test is a pass/fail test.

View the physical agility test details and minimum physical fitness requirements here.

Physical agility standards were changed for 2023 by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board (see chart below).

Police Officer Physical Agility Test Minimum Fitness Requirements - updated 2023


A minimum score of 70% is required on the written examination to proceed to the oral interview. Only the top twenty-five (25) applicants who have passed the written examination will be permitted to participate in the first round of oral interviews.

Five (5) points will be added to the passing written score for at least one (1) year of military service with honorable discharge.

Study guides for the written examination are available during the specified application period.

No written examination is given for applicants in the Lateral Entry Program. Skip to Step 3. 


Persons receiving the top twenty-five (25) passing scores on the written examination shall be scheduled for the first round of oral interviews with the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, the Police Chief or designee, 2 other members of the police department and a representative from the Human Resources Office.

Interviews will be scored with 70% minimum required to pass.

If an eligibility register of twenty-five (25) is not achieved after the first round of interviews, subsequent rounds of interviews may be conducted based on the written examination scores of the remaining eligible applicants until an eligibility register of twenty-five (25) is achieved.


Passing scores from the written examination and the oral interview are averaged together and posted on a one (1) year eligibility register.

At the time a vacancy occurs, the background investigation and reference check are conducted. The Police Chief recommends a candidate from the top three persons on the eligibility register. The selected candidate is made a conditional offer of employment and must pass a medical evaluation with a drug screen and a bonafide, valid and job-related psychological evaluation. If more than six (6) months has elapsed from the time of the physical agility test, the selected candidate must again pass such test.

Additional information is available by calling the Human Resources Office at 309.524.2068 or 309.524.2069. The City of Moline is an Equal Opportunity Employer.