Application / Eligibility

Household Eligibility

To qualify for assistance, the following criteria must be met:

  • Home or apartment located within the city limits of the City of Moline, City of East Moline, City of Silvis or the City of Rock Island;
  • Total household income (gross) must be below the 80% AMI HUD income guidelines;
  • Have a child less than 6 years old who resides in the home or visits the home on a regular basis (more than 60 hours per year) or a pregnant female living in the home;
  • Home or apartment built prior to 1978;
  • Property taxes on the home must be current;
  • Property/parcel must be free from derogatory liens and judgments.

Households currently involved in existing housing rehabilitation programs operated by the city or one of its partners are reviewed for program eligibility. Lead poisoned (children) cases are referred to the City by the Health Department. Cases where a child has an elevated blood level (ebl) are considered top priority applicants. Owner occupied and owners of rental properties are encouraged to apply for assistance. Financial assistance for Lead Based-Paint Hazard Control (LHC) work is provided as a three year forgivable 0% interest loan. A lien will be placed against the property. The recapture period begins when the work has received the final clearance, which has been verified by a third party laboratory.

2022 Annual Income Guidelines (87,200 Median Family Income)

Household Size AMI's Limit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  80% $47,800 $54,600 $61,450 $68,250 $73,750 $79,200 $84,650 $90,100
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Rental Unit Eligibility

Assistance to rental property owners participating in the Healthy Homes Program will be provided as a 0% interest-forgivable loan for a term of three years. If the owner has met all of the guidelines below at the end of the three years, the loan will be forgiven. The following guidelines apply:

Fifty percent of the units must be occupied by or made available to tenants at or below 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI), and all remaining units must be occupied by or made available to tenants at or below 80% AMI.

Participating owners must give priority in renting units assisted for not less than three years to income-qualifying families with a child less than 6 years old.

Buildings with five or more units may have 20% of the units occupied by families with incomes above 80% of the AMI.

Application Process

Households with lead poisoned children will be referred to the program by the County or State Health Departments. If enrolled in a housing program operated by the City of Moline, City of East Moline, City of Silvis, City of Rock Island, Project NOW, or Rock Island County, you will automatically be considered for this program if eligibility criteria is met. If you are not currently enrolled in a housing rehabilitation program, you may contact the City of Moline’ s Community Development Program Manager K.J. Whitley at 309.524.2044 for more information.

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