Checklist Continues

Evaluation Checklist Continues

Hot Water Equipment

List the manufacturer, type (indicate both regular and booster heaters), model number, storage capacity and recovery rates of both types. Indicate the location of equipment utilizing the hot water and subsequent piping needed. Place hot water heaters, etc., on six (6) inch legs.

Ventilation Equipment

Indicate the cooking, dishwashing, storage areas and toilet room. Include the manufacturer, model number and rates capacity of the exhaust fans and make-up air system, including hood dimensions, type of material used and the size and location of all ductwork. Exhaust hoods must be of corrosive-resistant materials and cannot be painted on the inside.

Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Material and finished surface must be indicated. Concrete block walls, in order to be acceptable, shall be smooth-finished, sealed and painted so that residue may be effectively removed by normal cleaning methods.

Utility Line, Pipe & Duct Placement

In remodeled facilities, all exposed lines such as, but not limited to, electrical conduit, water supply pipes, drain pipes, vent pipes, fire suppression system pipes, gas pipes, CO2 lines, dish machine chemical feed lines and HVAC duct work shall be spaced one (1) inch away from the wall, ceiling or equipment, one (1) inch apart from one another and six (6) inches above floor level to facilitate cleaning. In new or extensively remodeled facilities, utility service lines, pipes, ducts, etc., shall not be unnecessarily exposed. Placement shall be inside walls, ceilings, floors or sealed chase. If some pipes, etc., are exposed, use proper spacing. Beverage supply lines shall be installed in PVC pipes, spaced one (1) inch off wall or in plastic guttering sealed to the wall. Seal both ends with foam, trim off excess foam when dry, and paint.

Note: Please indicate on the plans the placement of the above-mentioned items.


Please indicate equipment amperage and voltage requirements per the manufactures information.


Locations, type, size and intensity of illumination (in foot candles or wattage) must be shown. Protective light coverings must be provided in all food preparation, storage, dishwashing and refrigeration areas.

Storage Areas

Indicate location and construction details of all food and single service storage areas.

Additional Information

Please continue to page three of the checklist for additional items.