4th Ward

Matt Timion

Matt Timion was raised in the Fourth Ward, and currently lives in the same neighborhood he grew up in. He was elected to City Council on in April 2021, and his current term will expire in May of 2025.


Alderman Timion believes that the purpose of government is to enhance the lives of the residents. He wants to focus on improving amenities, not deferring critical maintenance, and engaging in open and transparent conversations with the residents of Moline. He believes that when residents are engaged and leaders govern with empathy, that everyone benefits.

Service & Involvement

Alderman Timion spent two years on a service-based mission in the Philippines. Later in life he became a foster parent, eventually adopting his oldest child. He has spent years learning about the difficulties that those with mental health issues experience in Illinois. He testified in front of the Illinois General Assembly Mental Health Committee concerning the lack of parity regarding mental health treatment, and has spoken to multiple media outlets concerning the lack of mental health care for children who have experienced early childhood trauma.

Education & Employment

Alderman Timion graduated from El Dorado High School in Placentia, California. He received a Bachelors degree in Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. Alderman Timion works as a software engineer, and is the Senior Director of Engineering at Interior Define.

Family & Free Time

Alderman Timion lives with his partner Courtney and their son, Lucas. He is an avid cyclist, and plans at least one long bicycle-touring trip each year. He spends his free time gardening, riding bikes with his son, or working on his classic VW Bug.