Unclaimed Monies

Unclaimed Monies Information

Do you know these people? The City submits an annual report to the State of Illinois regarding unclaimed property that requires all property (uncashed refund checks, payroll checks, utility deposits, license deposits, vendor checks) being held 7 years (prior to June 2012) be presumed abandoned and remitted to the State. Staff makes every effort to locate these individuals and businesses. If you have any information about the following individuals or businesses, please call (309) 524-2086 or email. If we can verify the person is entitled to the property, the funds will be returned to the owner rather than the State. Once the funds are submitted to the State, you will have to contact the State directly for reimbursement.

Unclaimed Monies List

  • Jacob Lafferty
  • Allison Miller
  • Bridget Hays
  • Robert G. Ineichen
  • Linda Weah & Zakary Sawadogo
  • Robert R. Jones Public Library
  • Sara E. Montgomery
  • Kimberly Nimrick
  • Kevin D. Powell
  • Wheels LT
  • Scott & Marjorie Bowman
  • Jonathan Rummery
  • Heather Willis
  • Bawi Cung
  • Pierce & Associates PC
  • The Phone Doctor
  • Omar Hernandez
  • New Concrete Construction
  • J Holmes LLC
  • Cory Macke
  • Nathan Knox
  • Managed Prescription Program
  • SO Cal ASA
  • Kelly Knautz
  • Emily Parker
  • Signature Construction LLC
  • David Shinn
  • Landing at Bass Street
  • Atsumi Hamilton
  • Ronald E. Johnson
  • Amber Hancock
  • Daniel Dolan
  • Alexis Javier-Kepani
  • Craig R. Piggott
  • Dennis McConnell
  • Ahmed Sarmad