Weeds & Grass

Vegetation / Weed Abatement Program

The City is made aware of vegetation, grass, and weed problems through resident complaints and/or routine inspections by City inspectors. The City of Moline maintains a Vegetation / Weed Abatement Program that is intended to combat these issues and protect the neighborhoods of Moline. Once per week, for two consecutive weeks, in April and May, a weed / grass and shrubbery notice is published in the newspaper advising residents of this program.


Vegetation, grass, and weeds over 10 inches is a City violation. When an inspector identifies a violation, a courtesy notice is sent to the property owner giving them seven days to clean-up the violation. If the vegetation is not cleaned-up, a City contractor will be sent to abate the vegetation / weeds. The property owner will be billed for the service, plus a $100 administrative fee for each violation occurrence. If the property is in violation for a second time or more, no courtesy notices are sent. The City contractor will abate the vegetation and a bill will be sent to the property owner for the contractor's services plus administrative fees. Habitual offenders are subject to additional fines and penalties.


Please note that no shrubbery or other vegetation may obstruct movement or vision on City streets or sidewalks. Maintenance of vegetation on public right-of-way boulevards or parkway strips is the responsibility of the adjacent owner / occupant. To report a weed nuisance, call 309.524.2014.