Volunteer Information


The Police Department's volunteer program was initiated in 1992, and continues today. Police volunteers perform a variety of services for the department, including:

  • Appearing and assisting at special events throughout the year
  • Police chaplain services
  • Serving as role players during police training exercises

Chaplain's Program

The police chaplain serves as a means of comfort, support and guidance, not only to the grieving or those in crisis, but to police officers and support staff as well. Regardless of one's religion or beliefs, a chaplain is there to help in a way that officers generally cannot.

Reverend Shawn Cossin, senior pastor at Heritage Church (Rock Island/Bettendorf), began his role as our police chaplain in 2018. Reverend Cossin is a former law enforcement officer himself, having worked as a trooper and investigator for the Pennsylvania State Police.


Anyone interested in volunteering their time and services can contact the Moline Police Department Services Division at 309.524.2176.