Rental Inspections

Rental Housing Inspection Program

The Rental Housing Inspection Program was implemented in 2007 to promote and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Moline. The program helps provide safe, quality rental properties within the City of Moline by working closely with property owners to inform them of the current codes and preventative safety measures.

Ratings & Rotating Inspections

Each rental property consisting of two or more units must complete an annual registration process. An initial inspection is performed on each registered rental property, and depending on the Code violations found, a rating of A, B, or C is assigned to the property. After the initial rating, rental properties are assigned an inspection rotation:

  • Properties rated A are placed on a four-year inspection rotation;
  • Properties rated B are placed on a two-year inspection rotation;
  • Properties rated C are placed on an annual inspection rotation until compliance is fully met.

 Program Forms

Download program forms: