South Slope Wastewater Treatment Plant 

Preliminary Improvement Plan

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There will be a public hearing on April 11, 2023 at 6:00pm during the Committee-of-the-Whole meeting at City Hall ,619 -16th Street.

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North Slope Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Project

The North Slope Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements project at the 53-year-old facility is completed (photo below). The approximately $40 million project was financed through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Water Pollution Control Loan Program. The design of the facility improvements focused on increasing wet weather treatment capacity, simplifying operations, increasing energy efficiency, and enhancing processes to improve effluent water quality. Significant energy savings are gained by the aeration tank improvements, high-efficiency turbo blowers, other energy efficient equipment, and automated controls. The City of Moline received a $172,500 energy rebate from MidAmerican Energy for the new high-efficiency turbo blowers. In addition, the City anticipates an energy efficiency grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation up to $150,000.


Moline’s Water Pollution Control Division provides continuous and essential sanitary sewer service to the homes and businesses of Moline, and portions of neighboring communities. Our collection system team operates and maintains the extensive network of buried sewer mains and pumping stations that receive and transport wastewater discharges from our customers to our two wastewater treatment plants. Our treatment operations team is responsible for the operation and maintenance of these treatment facilities.

Sanitary Sewer System

Moline’s sanitary sewer system is operated as a public utility enterprise fund. No tax dollars, in any form, are used to fund the sanitary sewer system. All funds, revenues and expenditures associated with its operation are segregated from other City finances. The current annual sewer system budget is about $7.5 million dollars. The revenue that supports this budget is derived solely from the fees charged for sanitary sewer services.

Completed North Slope Wastewater Treatment Plant

North Slope