Street Naming & Numbering

Moline utilizes a numerical system for naming streets, avenues, and public places within the city limits. Streets with courses running approximately north and south are designated "streets" and streets running approximately east and west are designated "avenues". Streets are consecutively numbered from west to east and avenues numbered from north to south.

 Address Assignment

Street and avenue numbers form the address ranges, stated in hundreds within each block. Even-address numbers are used on the east side of all streets and on the south side of all avenues. Odd numbers are used on the west side of all streets and on the north side of all avenues.

Address numbers must be affixed to all buildings in close proximity to the main entrance and legible at a distance of 100 feet. The city assigns addresses to all homes, businesses, and occupied spaces. Addresses are also assigned to certain unoccupied structures and utility meters in public spaces. Addresses are typically assigned when permits are issued for new construction or for renovations that change occupancy.

Address Changes

There is no fee for address changes. To request a review or change to a building address, send a request with a site plan and building floor plan and submit a written request to:

Jennifer Bizarri - Assistant Director of Community & Economic Development

City of Moline - Community and Economic Development Department
619 16th Street
Moline, IL 61265