Planning a Special Event

Recommendations for facilities based on event types:

  • Church functions - Stephens Park, Riverside Park, Prospect Park Pavilion
  • Runs / walks - Ben Butterworth Parkway, Ben Butterworth East and/or West Shelters, Ralph Birks Recreational Trail, Sylvan Island
  • Weddings - Bass Street Landing, Ben Butterworth Parkway, Prospect Park Gazebo, Prospect Park Pavilion

Insurance Requirements
Activities outside of the normal course and scope of daily park activities or for large groups may require a Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Moline insured for your activity or event. A sample of this insurance requirement is available at the park office. Not providing the required insurance as requested will revoke your permit.

Bounce houses are not allowed in City parks unless approved with the Park Office and proper insurance has been submitted. For information on specific coverages concerning bounce houses, please call the Park Office to speak with Yvonne Brolander at 309.524.2424.

Special Use Applications
A Special Use Application is needed for:

  • Utilization of a space that is not a shelter or court that can be reserved
  • A gathering or meeting on park property that does not have a permit
  • Food or drink distributed or sold to the general public
  • Special services requesting for the Moline Parks and Recreation Department
  • Exclusive access to an area of a park
  • Estimated attendance that exceeds regular capacity of a rented shelter

For normal personal or family use of park pavilions, you do not need to fill out a Special Use Application.

If you are interested in hosting a special event or in need of more information about special use applications please contact Yvonne Brolander at 309.524.2424 or