Funding Assistance Categories

Due to the popularity and high demand for small business assistance, the American Rescue Plan Act BOOST program funds have been exhausted.  The remaining 2023 BOOST Workshops (Tier 1 and Tier 2) classes have been cancelled and no additional program applications are being accepted.  We sincerely appreciate the support and engagement of all participants. 



Per business type, an applicant is eligible to receive the following:

  Home-Based/Food Truck             Item                                                                          Brick & Mortar

$ 1,000 - $5,000                            New Employees (6 months)                                     $ 1,000 -   $5,000

$10,000                                         General Assistance                                                   $50,000

$10,000                                          Impacted Corridors/Areas                                        $10,000

$10,000                                         Accessibility Modifications((Match Required)            $15,000

$35,000                                        Max Loan                                                                    $80,000