How to Open a Restaurant

Through following the steps below, opening a restaurant can be a easy process. The Building and Inspections Division will provide the information and assistance to assure food safety for your establishment.

Step One - The Initial Inquiry

Contact the City of Moline environmental health specialist or visit the City of Moline’s Finance Office at 1630 8th Ave. to obtain your application and plan review. Forms are also available on the city’s website. 

Step Two - Submit Plans

Provide the completed plan review and application with the associated fee to the City of Moline’s Finance Office.  checklist clip art 

Step Three - Review Process

The environmental health specialist will review the plans to determine compliance with all applicable rules and regulations of the State Food Code and City of Moline Ordinance Chapter 14. No construction may occur during this process.

Step Four - Approval Process

After reviewing the plans, the environmental health specialist  will contact the applicant regarding the compliance of the application and plan review with the State Food Code and City of Moline Ordinance Chapter 14. Additional inspectors within the building division may be contacted during the approval process. Once approved, construction may begin. 

Step Five - Walk Through Inspection

The environmental health specialist or the applicant may request a walk-through inspection before construction ends to ensure compliance is being met. 

Step Six -Pre-Operational Inspection

At this time, an inspection will be completed to determine if the business shall receive their food license. If any High-Risk items are present that cannot be corrected immediately, a 2nd pre-operational inspection will be required to correct the items. If additional building inspectors are involved with the process, approval will be assessed from them as inspector clip artwell. If no High-Risk items are present, the business may be given their valid food license.

Step Seven – Operational Inspection

An operational inspection will be conducted on all new, remodeled, or re-opening facilities approximately thirty (30) days after opening. The establishment will then be inspected according to its risk level.