Tony Loete - Utilities Director

Tony Loete - Director of Utilities

 Message from Director

The vitality of our community is dependent on many functional systems which operate to ensure the safety, economy, and health of Moline.  Safe drinking water, water pollution control (sewers), and water for fire suppression are foundational elements of all modern communities. Moline’s utilities department is a team, charged with responsibility for these water and sewer systems; and actively works to operate and maintain treatment and conveyance infrastructure, which have been developed, expanded and enhanced since the earliest days of the community.  In its simplest form, our goal is to ensure water always flows out of the tap, and then disappears down the drain in a safe, reliable and economical way.

The citizens of Moline have made substantial investments in the assets that comprise our water and sewer systems.  These investments exceed $300 million in value.  Moline city council has a history of making progressive decisions to advance infrastructure investments which ensure reliability, which allows our team to meet our goal.  Additionally, Moline has a history of being proactive with regard to regulatory compliance.   While our team is honored to be the caretakers of these assets and works on a day to day basis to benefit our customers, we also work to comply with the regulations that are intended to protect public health and the natural resources of the community.

Our team is comprised of 60 employees with broad ranges of knowledge, skills and abilities.   Together, they hold 35 professional certifications or credentials and have in excess of 450 combined years of experience.   Team members range from scientists, technical, clerical, construction, to engineers.  Our team always has at least one person working and another person available to respond for emergencies.  This commitment helps ensure the reliability of the service we provide.

The Mississippi River is the primary jewel of our city.  Our team is committed to protecting it; and works to ensure pollution from our community does not enter it.  The importance of the River to our economy, health and safety is critical.  The pollution prevention we provide also allows our area rivers to be enjoyed for recreation and viable as aquatic habitat.   

On behalf of our team, thank you to the citizens of Moline for allowing us to serve in such an important way to make our community a success.

Tony Loete, Utilities Director