Crime Free Housing Program

The City of Moline is committed to safe, affordable, and quality rental property for our residents. The Moline Police Department Crime Prevention Unit and the City of Moline Neighborhood Improvement Officer work together to accomplish this goal for our city. All multi-unit rental property in the city is licensed and inspected.  Additionally, the Crime Free Housing program works to partner with landlords by providing education, tools, and tips on safe housing. This program works to deter criminal activity but also protects tenants’ rights, especially those who are victims of abuse. This program is meant to create a safe environment for renters. Explore our website for more information on how the program works and how rental property can become certified. 

Where it Began

The Crime Free Housing program is a state of the art, crime prevention program designed to reduce crime, drugs, and gangs on properties with more than one dwelling unit. This program was successfully developed at the Mesa Arizona Police Department in 1992. The International Crime Free Multi-Housing Program has been successfully implemented in 2,000 cities in 48 states as well as Canada, England, and Puerto Rico. 

The program was adopted by ordinance through the City Council in July 2020. 

How it Works

Phase I - Management Training for Owners and Local Agents Taught by the Police Department

  • Free class for owners and local agents
  • Crime Prevention Theory         
  • CPTED Theory (Physical Security)
  • Benefits of Resident Screening
  • Lease Agreements and Eviction Issues
  • Crime Free Lease Addendum
  • Key Control and Master Key Use
  • On-Going Security Management Monitoring and Responding to Criminal Activity
  • Gangs, Drugs Activity, and Crime Prevention
  • Legal Warnings, Notices & Evictions Working Smarter With the Police Fire and Life Safety Training Community Awareness           

Phase II - CPTED - Survey by the Police 

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Survey (CPTED)           
  • Minimum door, window, and lock standards compliance inspection           
  • Minimum exterior lighting standards evaluation            
  • Key Control procedures evaluation
  • Landscape maintenance standards compliance    

Phase III - Community Awareness Training

  •  Annual crime prevention social taught by property management and police             
  •  Community awareness and continuous participation is encouraged    

Full certification (gold certificate) permits the right to post the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program sign and advertise membership in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program in the print media using the official logo. This certificate expires every year unless renewed following compliance with Phases I & II.


Many of our Landlords did not include the proper lease language that allowed them to evict residents who violated the law. Therefore, it was often difficult for Landlords to evict troublesome tenants. By requiring the Lease Addendum, it gives more power to property owners to control those individuals residing and using their property, while at the same time giving the City a better way to hold accountable those landlords who refuse to address crime in/on their property.

Seminars & Refresher Courses

Courses are hosted at the Moline Police Department.  The registration cost for an owner of a multi-family property in Moline will not change and there is NO CHARGE to the property owner for this program.


Next Classes:

For special accommodation requests, please contact Dawn Cook directly at 

Bi-lingual instructors are available. 

Crime Free Housing Certified Instructors

  • Ofc. Stephanie Genisio
  • Ofc. David Callaway
  • Ofc. Cesar Lopez
  • Ofc. Mamadou Diallo
  • Ofc. Sean Hoover
  • Ofc. James Feehan
  • Ofc. Adam Lorenz
  • Insp. Brad Hauman