Grass in street

Dear Moline Residents, 

I’d like to prelude it with something saying: “Spring has now finally arrived in the City of Moline! As we fire up our mowers please remember to prevent your lawn clippings from reaching our streets and drainage systems. These clippings cause many hazards for pedestrians, motorcycles, and cyclists, as well as make our neighborhoods looks untidy. These clippings can also find their way into Moline’s drainage system and cause a number of problems for residents and the environment. For ideas on what to do with this valuable resource, please read the following article. Feel free to call with any questions and thank you in advance for your cooperation!”

We hope you all enjoy this Spring season!  Grass                 

Stormwater Division

The City of Moline Stormwater Division strives to find ways to protect our water ways and encourage development at the same time. The Mississippi and Rock Rivers draw visitors from around the world and it is our job to continue to make it an asset to be enjoyed by others for years to come. This division is tasked with finding a balance between the regulations of the Nations Clean Water Act and encouraging growth and development of our community. Please let us know if we can assist you or your project in finding that balance so that everyone can benefit.