Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer in a Park

Some of the reasons why our park system in Moline looks so nice is due to the support of volunteers. There are a numbers of things volunteers can do it the parks to help the city keep Moline beautiful. If you are interested in volunteering in a park, contact Eric Griffith at 309.524.2421 or check out the many opportunities listed at the Keep Moline Beautiful Website (www.keepmolinebeauitful.org).

 City staff will provide garbage bags, gloves, and garbage pickers for volunteer groups. 

Volunteers may do the following:
- Pick up garbage & sticks/branches.
- Operate hand tools that include: rakes, shelves, trimmers, and edgers.
- Work on special projects with City Staff, this must be coordinated with the Parks & Recreation Department.
- Each volunteer must fill out, sign, and return the City Waiver before volunteering. 

Volunteers may not do the following:
- Operate lawn mowers, chainsaws, tractors, construction equipment or any other unauthorized equipment.
- Cut down or trim trees.
- Use any kind of chemical to fertilize grass, kills weeds, etc. 

Volunteer for a Program

If you are interested in volunteering for a program, please contact the park office at 309.524.2424. We are regularly looking for volunteers to help with youth sports programs such as basketball, soccer, and flag football as well as special events. Volunteers working with participants are subject to a criminal background check. Any person volunteering to help with a program will need to pass a background check.