Community Development

  1. K.J. Whitley

    Community Development Manager

  1. Tara Osborne

    Grant and Project Accountant

The Community Development Division provides a variety of services and programs aimed at creating a strong, sustainable, and inclusive community. The division administers a number of programs that are geared toward providing safe, decent, affordable housing and enhancing neighborhoods. By working together to build a more vibrant community, the division serves as a platform for engaging our citizenry, leveraging investment, and supporting development efforts that benefit all of Moline.

Community Development Block Grant

The division is responsible for administering the city’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, which strengthens the local housing market through a residential rehabilitation program, supports the area’s social service network, and facilitates economic development efforts.

Division Programs

Additional programs administered by the division that support local business and stabilize our housing stock to contribute to building a healthy and prosperous Moline.

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