Public Right-of-Way

About the Property Management Division

The Property Management functions of the City encompass property transactions and maintenance for City-Owned property and public right-of-way. This division of the City certifies that City property is acquired or disposed properly. The City must also manage all public right-of-way throughout the City, through permitting, licensing and in some cases vacating or dedicating right-of-way.

 Right-of-way Right-of-way is land maintained by the City of Moline with the main purpose of facilitating the public rights of transport, access and travel throughout the community. Public Streets and Alleys are built on City right-of-way, whereas private roads are constructed on private property. While everyone can use City right-of-way to travel, there are also restrictions on the use of this property. Restrictions on vehicular parking are common on much of the right-of-way throughout the City. Nothing can be constructed or installed on City right-of-way without a license agreement with the City of Moline.

Right-of-way Vacation

Right-of-way that is not utilized for access and travel purposes could be ideal for vacation. When right-of-way is vacated, the City of Moline gives up its interest in the subject property and an adjacent property owner can acquire the land. Because the City has a responsibility to maintain and preserve City assets, the City Council has developed a policy to determine if vacation of certain pieces of right-of-way is warranted. There is a $660 fee to apply for a right-of-way vacation, whether the Council approves or denies the request. Also, if the City directs right-of-way to a property owner, that property owner must pay fair market value for the property.

Right-of-way Vaction Application Form

Right-of-way Vacation Policy