Zoning & Land Development Team

The Zoning & Land Development Division responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing plans and monitoring development activity throughout the community
  • Administering and enforcing development-related codes - zoning and land development/subdivision, signs, and flood hazard prevention/protection codes
  • Coordinating the annexation of new territory
  • Providing professional and technical support to the Moline Plan Commission and Zoning Hearing Officer
  • Assisting with economic development and long-term comprehensive planning of Moline



Submittal Deadline

Administrative applications are reviewed and approved by staff, often upon submittal, or within 1 or 2 days for complex applications or resubmittals. Non-administrative applications require formal approvals at public meetings, and are due four (4) weeks prior to the associated hearing date.

Downloadable Documents

  •  Accessory Structures - Allowable heights and setbacks for sheds, garages, decks, patios, pools, courts, and similar structures.
  •  Fences - Height and placement options for property line fences.
  •  Home Occupations - Descriptions and regulations for home-based businesses.
  •  Site Plan - Details and examples for preparing a site plan for new construction or development; includes a blank drawing template.
  •  Rummage Sales - Regulations and allowances for temporary sales of personal property in residential districts.
  •  RV Storage - Regulations for storing a motor home, camper, trailer, boat, or similar equipment in residential districts.

To request additional handouts, including code excerpts, contact Planning and Zoning Technician 309-524-2033.