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TIF 2 One Moline Place
TIF #2 (One Moline Place) was established in 1998. The TIF area consisted of a vacant hospital complex situated on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. Pavilion One was demolished in 1999 and the former Moline Public Hospital was demolished in 2002. The site has experienced several redevelopment concepts. The original plan identified senior housing and a regional sports complex. As the market would not sustain that type of development, the developer changed the plan to a mix of single family, condominiums, and townhouses. The site of the former hospital has been partially developed. The TIF district was amended in 2010 in order to accommodate the creation of TIF #6. In 2011, the termination date for TIF #2 was extended 12 years. TIF #2 will expire in 2033.  Click here to view a map of TIF #2.