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Monument Rights
 Monument Rights
We consider any above-ground marker to be Monument Rights, therefore, if you purchase graves with Monument Rights that means you have the right to place an above-ground marker. Monument Rights cost a little more than Flush Marker Rights, due to the extra grounds maintenance they require. The City of Moline Cemeteries does not sell monuments. We only sell flush markers. Call the Cemetery office at 309.524.2435 if you would like a list of area monument companies to help you choose a monument.

A wide selection of graves is available for sale at both Riverside Cemetery and Moline Memorial Park. Moline Memorial Park has a Veteran Section for the Veteran and spouse. The grave for the Veteran is only charged for perpetual care, therefore, substantially reduced.

It is very important you check with the Cemetery office at 309.524.2435 before shopping at other vendors for markers and monuments. For instance, if you purchase a monument and you do not have monument rights at the cemetery we will not allow the monument to be placed. Also, different Cemetery sections have different requirements, such as the Veteran Section at Moline Memorial Park, where all monuments must be a specific size and shape.