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Crisis Containment Unit
About The TeamCriss Containment Unit Logo
The Moline Police Department Crisis Containment Unit (CCU) is a team of police officers with advanced training in special tactics, weaponry, and crisis negotiations. The team includes approximately 30 police officers who serve in roles as tactical entry team members, tactical snipers, team leaders, incident commanders, and crisis situation negotiators. Four experienced tactical emergency dispatchers provide specialized field communications to the unit. Each member serves a specific critical role, but all members share the responsibility for the success of each mission. Browse through pictures of the Crisis Containment Unit.

In 2010, the Crisis Containment Unit was utilized on 50 occasions. The majority of activations were to serve search warrants for controlled substances at locations with elevated risk factors such as fortifications, armed individuals, aggressive dogs, and/or person(s) with violent criminal histories. The team is also utilized during presidential details, as well as other dignitary details. The team has just completed 23 years of service. There have been no civilians or members of the unit seriously injured during any of these high-risk incidents. The number of team activations varies each year.

The Crisis Containment Unit has frequently assisted in the apprehension of suspects wanted on warrants for crimes of a violent nature, including murder, attempted murder, armed robbery, parole violations, hostage barricaded situations, and criminal sexual assaults. The unit has taken numerous weapons and drugs off the streets. CCU team members also serve as instructors at the annual Citizens Police Academy and the Basic Emergency Services Team class.

The team members are highly trained. In addition to their regular monthly training sessions, they have attended courses that coincide with the requirements of the unit. The members remain in excellent physical condition to meet the demands of the unit. The CCU continues to evolve in order to meet the needs of the City of Moline as well as provide aid to neighboring agencies. The team's designated equipment supply officer has worked diligently to secure surplus government property. Through his efforts, a large amount of equipment and supplies have been obtained at little or no cost.

Region # 2 Special Response Team
Three members of the unit also serve on the State of Illinois, Region # 2 Special Response Team (SRT). They receive additional training and equipment to enable them to respond to terrorist events that may involved chemical, biological, or nuclear substances, which is beneficial to the entire team. State and Federal funds support the SRT. The Crisis Containment Unit also has one member who is specially trained and assigned to the Quad City Bomb Squad.

A federally funded highly sophisticated camera equipped robot awarded to the team has proven invaluable. The robot is used in high risk situations and is capable of assisting in clearing rooms and located armed suspects. Rock Island County's fully armored Bear Cat vehicle is also available when needed for armed encounters or other dangerous situations. This vehicle can transport an entire team and has all terrain capability.

All of these added resources enable the Crisis Containment Unit to contend with dangerous situations and suspects and aid in maintaining public safety.