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Highland Manor / Sanders Apartments
Patrol carHighland Manor / Sanders Apartments Substation
A fourth police substation was established August 1996 at the Highland Manor apartment complex located at 22nd Avenue and 42nd Street. The office is in an apartment provided rent-free by management in the Highland Manor complex. The office serves both the 78-unit Highland Manor and the nearby, 40-unit Sanders Apartments.

While not staffed on a full-time basis, on-duty patrol officers do man the office and patrol the property as frequently as possible during their regular shifts. The rather constant police presence serves as a deterrent to those who might otherwise contemplate committing criminal acts in the area. Highland Manor, like many other housing complexes, has a ban policy to preclude the return of persons who have committed a crime on the property. A list of the names of the banned persons is posted in the complex, and residents may view photos of them in the manager's office.