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Plan Review Specs & Submittal
Evaluation Checklist
For a complete plan review, architectural drawings, to scale, must be submitted containing the information set forth below. This list, while not necessarily complete, points out principle areas of concern required for our evaluation.

Floor Plan Operation
Designation of various areas includes serving, food preparation, dry storage, toilet, seating arrangements, employee break area, etc.

Equipment Plan, Schedule & Brochures

The location of equipment and fixtures shall be shown on plans, along with a numerical equipment schedule. Equipment brochures with the proper numerical listing shall include the manufacturer’s name, model number and descriptive information. Used or pre-owned equipment shall be approved prior to purchase or installation. Please specify if equipment will be installed on legs or casters. Equipment on legs may be sealed to the wall.

Equipment Spacing & Aisle Space
Stationary equipment shall be spaced four (4) inches apart and six (6) inches or more from the walls, per industry standards, to facilitate cleaning. If equipment is mounted on approved four (4) inch casters and is easily moveable, it may be installed closer together. Please note: Only manufactured food service equipment lines may be sealed together. The minimum aisle space shall be 36 inches wide.

Plumbing Fixtures
Provide the location and type – including drainage provision for floors, utility sinks, evaporators from walk-in coolers, refrigerators, etc. All plumbing shall meet local and state plumbing codes.

Additional Information
Please continue to page two of the checklist for additional items.