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Victim Information
Victim Follow-Up Instructions
In reference to a reported incident you have filed with the Moline Police Department, the following is the process that will determine if further follow-up investigation will take place:
  • Your report will be forwarded to the Investigation Division where it will be evaluated. It is not possible for the Investigation Division to investigate or follow up on every complaint. Based on certain criteria, the Investigation Division will determine whether or not your complaint will be assigned for additional investigation.
  • Should your complaint meet the criteria, it will be assigned to an investigator who will contact you concerning your report.
  • If your complaint does not meet the established criteria, your report will be kept on file for information purposes. Your report will continue to be reviewed and if further information is developed, you will be contacted.
  • If you have any questions concerning your complaint, call

Prosecution Instructions
  • To complainant: It is necessary for you to contact the state Attorney’s Office by telephone at 309.786.4451 between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:30 am the next working day. At that time, an appointment will be made to discuss your case with an assistant state attorney.
  • If you are seeking an arrest warrant and you fail to contact the state Attorney's Office within 14 days of the date of the offense, your case will be administratively closed by the Moline Police Department.
  • In cases of domestic violence (DV) you must follow the directions as outlined above. If you fail to file charges of DV, the state Attorney's Office may still elect to prosecute the case based on eye witness accounts and police investigations.
  • The following information will be needed:
    • Moline Police Department complaint number
    • Date of offense
    • Time of offense
    • Investigating officer

Contact Information
Rock Island County State Attorney’s Office
County Courthouse
15th St and 3rd Ave
4th Floor
Rock Island, Illinois 61201
Ph: 309.786.4451 ext. 240