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Planning Documents & Studies
Planning Documents & Studies

The City of Moline prepares for future development by way of developing and maintaining a comprehensive plan and its related sub-elements that pertain to more specific neighborhood and corridor planning efforts. In addition to the City’s Official Comprehensive Plan, which is prepared under the guidance of the Moline Plan Commission and formally adopted by the City Council, the City also prepares additional reports, studies and development-related documents that may not be official elements of the Comprehensive Plan, but provide policy guidance and/or specific insight on planning and development-related matters.

Moline's Comprehensive Plan

Moline’s Official Comprehensive Plan is intended to guide policy and provide recommendations for future land development and land preservation issues within the City of Moline and its jurisdictional planning area. The Plan should be recognized and utilized as a flexible document to be interpreted within the broad spectrum of land development possibilities and changing conditions. The Plan forms a visionary, yet achievable basis for planning programs and development guidelines. It is also suggests additional areas of study and planning that are essential in moving projects forward to successful completion.

Comprehensive Plan Elements

Community Development Plans & Reports

Planning & Development Plans & Studies
In addition to its Official Comprehensive Plan, the City of Moline also prepares additional reports, studies and development-related documents that are not adopted as official elements of the Comprehensive Plan, but provide policy guidance on various planning and development-related matters. These documents may provide policy guidance as mentioned above or in some cases they may focus on research and provide guidance in a more project-specific nature than would typically be found in a comprehensive plan document.