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Cross-Connection Control Residential

  1. Are you the property owner?
  2. Please indicate which of the following you have:
  3. Alternate Water Source*
  4. If yes, please indicate which source you have
  5. Boiler or Steam Heat*
  6. If yes, please indicate boiler type
  7. Fire Sprinkler Protection System*
  8. Lawn Irrigation System*
  9. Shampoo Bowl/Sink*
  10. Swimming Pool/Hot Tub*
  11. Other Equipment with a Direct Connection to City Water*
  12. Do you have backflow preventers on your property?*
  13. Pictures of devices in question can be e-mailed for review by the City’s Plumbing Inspector. The City’s Plumbing Inspector can also be contacted via phone at 309.524.2374.
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