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City Clerk

  1. After Action & Improvement Plan Report

    In the spirit of continuous improvement, we kindly request that all event organizers submit an After Action & Improvement Plan Report... More…

  2. Boards and Commissions Talent Pool
  3. Neighbor of the Month Nomination
  4. Special Event Application (Municipal Entities)

    This application is for Municipal Entities only.

  1. Block Party Request

    Use this form to get block parties approved

  2. Electronic Attendance Form
  3. Special Event Application


  1. Business Inspection Form

    Please use this form to request a business inspection if we have missed you and find a door hanger.

  2. Public Education and Special Event Request Form

    This form is used to request our departments participation at a Public Education or other special event.

  3. Station Tour Request

    Request a station tour

  1. File of Life
  2. Smoke Alarm Request Form

    This form is used to request a smoke detector from the Moline Fire Department.

Human Resources

  1. Employee Emergency Contact Information

    Any employee wishing to have emergency contact information placed in their personnel file must complete this form. Employees are... More…

  1. Reference

Moline Centre Main Street

  1. Shop Local Moline Directory Information Form

    The Moline Main Street Program maintains an online listing of all downtown businesses. We are in the process of launching a new website... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. 2023-24 Volleyball Player Waiver Form

    Moline Parks waiver for for participants in the City Volleyball League.

  2. Job Application of Interest
  1. Adult Softball Waiver Form

    Moline Parks waiver for for participants in the City Softball League.

  2. Moline Parks and Recreation: Application of Interest

Planning & Development

  1. 2019 Lead Contractor Training
  2. Existing Project Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Request
  3. Temporary Outdoor Seating Application
  1. Community Housing Program Preliminary Qualification Form

    This form serves as a preliminary qualification assessment for the City of Moline's housing assistance programs, including: Community... More…

  2. New Project Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Request

PW - Garbage

  1. Special Pick Up

    Schedule a bulky waste pick up with Public Works

PW - Municipal Services

  1. Adopt a Street Program Application

    Application to participate in Adopt a Street Program. Volunteers interested in cleaning a one-mile section of City Street. The City... More…

Special Events

  1. No Fee- Special Event Application (NEW Draft)

    Application to be used for Special Events using Right-of-way, Parks and/or Bass Street Landing.