How long do I have to get tenants to sign the lease addendum?

Commencing with all leases entered into or renewed on or after January 1, 2021, all owners of residential rental property within the City of Moline containing more than one (1) dwelling unit and subject to Section 8-7202 of the Code are required to incorporate and attach the crime free lease addendum available from the City of Moline police department. At the seminar, the crime free residential rental coordinator shall provide, at no cost, samples of the crime free lease addendum. The purpose of the addendum is to make criminal activity occurring within or upon the leased premises or within any common areas or parking lots associated therewith (including, but not limited to violent criminal activity or drug related criminal activity engaged by, facilitated by or permitted by the tenant, member of the household, guest or other party under the control of the tenant) a lease violation.

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1. What is considered a nuisance property?
2. Does this ordinance unfairly target victims of abuse?
3. I am concerned this will impact undocumented immigrants.
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5. I own rental property, do I have to attend a seminar?
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11. How long do I have to get tenants to sign the lease addendum?
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