Quad Cities Law Enforcement Group Dialogue Brochure

Local law enforcement and elected officials have met with several community leaders in the Quad Cities to have open and honest dialogue about the challenges and opportunities within each of our communities. Inan effort to remain transparent and continue these conversations, we present the following information from our meetings with the NAACP and The Resolution.  

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1. What police accountability procedures does the city have in place?
2. What are the Moline Police Department's use of force guidelines?
3. Does the Moline Police Department have any citizen oversight?
4. Do Moline Police wear body cameras? Are there any repercussions if an officer turns off his or her camera during an incident?
5. Can a Police Officer be decertified?
6. What ongoing training has the Moline Police Department required of its officers?
7. What policies does the Moline Police Department have in place other than training to reduce bias profiling?
8. Is the Police Department a diverse organization?
9. Quad Cities Law Enforcement Group Dialogue Brochure
10. How do I compliment an officer or file a complaint?