What can I do with my lawn waste?

The City encourages residents to properly compost waste or take advantage of yard waste programs in place. Residents can rake leaves to the curb (but not into the street or gutter which obstructs flow) for vacuuming or bag lawn waste. Leaves may be vacuumed from the roadside from October 17 - December 9th, although sticks are not allowed. Residents may bag yard waste, place a $2.00 City sticker on it and have it taken on their regular trash pickup day from April 4th - December 16th. The City will even pick up your paper yard waste bags without a sticker from October 17th - December 16th. Contact the Municipal Services Division at 309.524.2400 for more information. Branches may be set out with your regular trash pick up but they must be bundled in 4’ lengths and cannot be more than 1 foot in diameter. Special waste pickups are also available for large branches and other material for $140. Information about disposal of a wide range of material is available on our Municipal Services page.

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