What is wastewater?
Wastewater comes from homes, and includes human and household wastes from toilets, sinks, baths and drains. It also comes from industries, schools and business. This wastewater is collected in a sanitary sewer system and conveyed to the wastewater treatment plant for treatment. Water that collects in street drains during a rainstorm is not considered wastewater but rather storm water. This water is collected in a network of storm sewers and conveyed to the local rivers with no treatment.

The City's wastewater system provides essential public health protection for the people of Moline. The federal Clean Water Act requires municipalities like the City of Moline to treat its wastewater. In Moline, treated wastewater is discharged to either the Mississippi or Rock Rivers. Treatment helps protect aquatic life as well as keep waters safe for fishing and recreational uses. Our wastewater treatment plants remove suspended and dissolved solids from water, and reduce organic matter and pollutants. They also disinfect the wastewater to ensure that discharged water does not contain pathogenic bacteria life.

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