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Information for Homeowners

For homeowners, it is important to note that the Stormwater Ordinance makes any release into the storm sewer system that does not consist entirely of uncontaminated storm or groundwater unlawful. There are exceptions to the prohibited discharges but its best to check with the City Engineer prior to releasing anything into the storm sewer. Violating the Ordinance, even unknowingly, can result in fines and legal action.

The City Stormwater Ordinance also protects property owners from changes in drainage that can cause flooding, back ups and other problems. Downspouts and sump pumps should be directed so that runoff is absorbed on-site and not forced onto other properties. Structures like raised flower beds, retaining walls and storage sheds may cause water to pond or redirect flow to other properties. Contact the City if you are building a similar project to check if a drainage easement borders your property.

Surface water pollution is the main concern of the US EPA programs. Stormwater in Moline does NOT go to waste water treatment plants. It is discharged directly into the Mississippi and Rock Rivers where drinking water is later drawn from. It is important to keep trash, lawn or pet waste and hazardous materials like cleaners , oils, and paint out of the storm sewer system.